What Are the Numbers My Dentist Calls Out?

What Are the Numbers My Dentist Calls Out?
Posted on 11/05/2018

Gum Health & Gum Disease Prevention from Your Littleton, CO Dentist

Have you ever been to the dentist and been confused when the dental assistant began poking you in the gums and rattling off numbers to someone who then recorded them? If this has happened to you, you may have been wondering what it was all about. Thankfully, this is yet another way in which your Littleton, CO dentist is looking out for you and the health of your mouth. This activity is called periodontal charting and plays a crucial role in staying up-to-date on the health of your gums.

What are Periodontal Charts?

A periodontal chart is a standardized way for your dentist to measure the current health of your gums. Each tooth in your mouth has six different areas that are measured, with each number being a millimeter measurement. This measurement represents the cuff of your gum line and the point the gum meets the tooth (this space is referred to as a “pocket”). Healthy gums should have pockets that typically measure 2-3 millimeters. Pockets measuring 5 millimeters or more is considered a bad sign and means bone could become damaged due to periodontal (gum) disease. Whether or not the gums around a tooth bleeds is also recorded along with the number.

Why are Periodontal Charts Important?

Periodontal charts are relevant because they help your Littleton, CO dentist watch for signs of gum disease, and they help them track the overall health of your teeth and gums. This is an excellent indicator of whether you are doing a good job with your oral hygiene routine, or if it could use some improving.

Common Signs of Gum Disease

Of course, you don’t have to wait until your next periodontal charting in order to find out if you’re battling gum disease. There are a variety of common symptoms you can be on the lookout for at home, including:

  • Bleeding During Brushing or Flossing
  • Red, Swollen, Sensitive Gums
  • Loose or Separating Teeth
  • Bad Breath
  • Pus Between Teeth
  • Sores in Mouth

With such unpleasant symptoms, it should not be difficult to get an idea whether or not you suffer from gum disease. If you believe you have gum disease, or just have questions, please reach out to your dentist at Columbine Dental today!

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