Tooth Pain After Getting a Crown

Tooth Pain After Getting a Crown
Posted on 05/07/2018

After receiving dental crowns at our Littleton dental office, many people assume that they’ll never have pain in those teeth again. However, crowned teeth can be painful for a number of reasons. If you’re experiencing pain around a crown, that pain is a signal that something is wrong and needs to be corrected.

There are several reasons why you might experience tooth pain after getting a crown including:


If your dental crown doesn’t fit your tooth well and is sitting too high on the tooth, the teeth opposite the crown will strike it with force instead of biting down properly to distribute the force equally among all your teeth. This trauma can cause pain in the gum tissue around the crowned tooth.

New Decay Under the Crown

Even with a crown, tooth decay can develop at the border of the tooth and the crown, just like decay can form around a dental filling. If the decay has spread under the crown to reach deep inside the tooth, the nerve & connective tissue inside the tooth can become inflamed painful.

A Failed Previous Filling

If your crowned tooth has an old silver amalgam filling, you may have leakage of that filling. As an amalgam filling breaks down, it begins to pull away from the tooth, causing the filling to leak. This allows food, saliva, and bacteria to enter the tooth, leading to structural damage and pain.

Tooth Fracture

Unless you’ve received a dental implant to replace the tooth’s root, that tooth under your crown is still alive and subject to fracture. It’s possible that you’ve fractured that tooth without even knowing it. A fractured tooth can cause pain when the nerve inside the tooth becomes damaged.

Finding the Relief You Need

It’s very important to see your dentist if you have any type of tooth pain, including pain coming from a crowned tooth. During your appointment, your dentist will provide you with an examination which could include taking a few digital X-rays to find out what’s causing your pain. Depending upon the specific problem found, your treatment recommendation could be anything from a root canal procedure to a dental filling or crown adjustment.

Contact Columbine Dental

At Columbine Dental, we have all the dental services you’ll ever need to keep your smile healthy and attractive! If you’re experiencing pain in a crowned tooth, we urge you request an appointment with us today before things get worse! Once we determine what’s causing the pain, we’ll recommend the most appropriate treatment. We hope to hear from you soon!

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