Dental Anxiety

Dental anxiety.Dental anxiety is a genuine phenomenon. In fact, according to studies, nearly 60 percent of Americans suffer from some form of dental anxiety. Of that population, 10 percent refuse to seek dental care because their fear is so crippling. Routine dental care is necessary to prevent dangerous and costly dental issues, and emergency dental care is needed to avoid severe and potentially life-threatening infections. If you or a loved one has allowed dental phobia to control your life, it's time to reclaim your health. Reach out to cosmetic dentist Ken Caryl and our compassionate team to discuss treatment options today.

Each Appointment Begins With a Discussion

At Columbine Dental, we see hundreds of patients every year who experience some level of dental anxiety. Each of those patients ends up getting the care they need to correct dental issues, prevent further damage and maintain a healthy smile. This is entirely thanks to our caring and understanding team.

Before we begin treatment, we sit down with each of our patients to discuss their fears and to develop a plan that will make them more comfortable and less apprehensive regarding treatment. We approach the overall treatment plan with caution and begin with the "easy" treatments first before delving into more comprehensive procedures.

Sedation Dentistry in Columbine


In addition to addressing your fears head on, we use a couple of safe yet effective anti-anxiety medications to help you relax. For more complex procedures, we use anesthetics to block the pain. For milder procedures, we use sedatives to help you feel more comfortable. In some situations, we may use both. Depending on your level of fear and upcoming treatment, we may make recommendations. Ultimately, however, we leave the decision up to you.

Schedule the Safe and Compassionate Care You Deserve

If you or a loved one has put off dental care because of fear or anxiety, call our Columbine dental office today. Dentist Ken Caryl and our team are prepared to help you overcome your fear and get the treatment you need to experience optimal dental health. Call our office at (303) 979-4994 or schedule your appointment online.

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